Oliver Davis is an unsigned musician / composer from South Wales whose debut album was showcased as Celtica Radio's very first live webcast. The album was called "Electronic Dreams" and takes you on an atmospheric journey through the world of feelings and emotions.

Using unique synthesizer programming techniques, breathtaking melodies and original vocals, all composed by Oliver. The music is inspired by the likes of Jean-Michel Jarre, O.M.D & New Order.

The album can still be purchased through AlBilCo MediaComm / Celtica Radio.
If you would like to contact Oliver, why not contact us at Celtica Radio and mark the e-mail for the attention of Oliver Davis
Click Here to Listen to Olivers Concert
On August the 16th, 2001. Oliver Davis showcased the Album at the Toll House in Bridgend South Wales. This was the very first Live Video / Webcast Celtica Radio transmitted, and the broadcast was commissioned by Oliver himself.

The show consisted of an ultra-violet light stage setting, powerful laser light system and an intelligent lighting system synchronised to the music. The musical line up for this live performance was as follows:-

Synthesizers/ Samplers - Oliver Davis
Bass - Paul Gray (ex Dammed & U.F.O band member)
Vocals - Kim Haines & Lee Morris
Here are some pictures from Olivers gig on August the 16th   These photographs were commissioned exclusively by Oliver Davis, and are Copyright to the Photographer - Bill Everatt.
Lasers sweep the crowd at the Toll House Oliver kicks off with dance track 'Pure'    

Oliver would like to say thanks to the following people...

Community Music Wales... Cardiff M... Big Sound... Rohan Tarry... Paul Gray... Lee Morris... Kim Haines, for her encouragement and enthusiasm... and especially to the people of Bridgend County and our family and friends who supported us on the night...

Paul Grey on Bass Guitar    
    Oliver Davis - Electronic Dreams - Showcase 2001
Kin Haines sings "B with U"    
    Oliver would also like to thank all the Celtica Radio listeners who tuned in for his first live Gig!
We couldn't find a windswept mountain to put him on due to the bottles of Bud.  A 21st Century Composer at work!     In addition to composing and playing the music, Oliver also designed and conceived the stage design for the whole event.
Synth Run on the track 'Moving On'
Celtica Radio is pleased to have a continuing association with Oliver, showcasing the music of this talented composer, and multi-instrumentalist.
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