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Here you will find some great links to other websites and local talent.
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Ryan Helman This is the website of singer and songwriter Ryan Helman, who is a great friend to Celtica Radio.

Click on the picture link for more details on how to buy his music.

Click Here to find out more about his music.
MOONBASE CENTRAL - Project SWORD, Space-X, Apollo Moon Exploration, Space Toys of the 1960s... A Collectors delight!
Radio Hafren Radio Hafren was the local radio station for Mid Wales and the Borders, broadcasting on 756kHz Medium Wave and 102.1FM, and syndicated selected Celtica Radio programmes nightly between Midnight and 2AM UK time until its closure in February 2015...

Our colleagues at Radio Hafren offered a full daytime schedule from breakfast through to drivetime, playing the greatest music from the 1960's with a selection of the lastest chart hits.

Further details from Wikipedia are available by clicking on the logo to the left.

Click Here for Kusha Deep

Dar.Ra... Official Music Channel For Irish Rock Artist Dar.Ra who also operates and Indie Record Label from the UK.

More details can be found at for more tunes For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: Also Facebook Dar.Ra Here.

Conjunto Guantánamo

Conjunto Guantánamo, who unite the precision and cadence of traditional Afro-Cuban music with the raw energy of New York City’s unique nightlife. Founded in Brooklyn back in 2003, they’ve become highly visible on the NYC music scene, performing concerts at festivals, events and performing arts centres throughout the area.

They are one of the few contemporary Cuban bands that stay true to the traditional roots: “Son Cubano,” a style with a minimalist polyrhythm and swing beckoning one to dance and sway to the lively instrumentation and brazen improvisations full of humorous innuendo. Connect with them at They are also on Facebook at CtoGuantanamo and all other social media.

Radio Seagull

RADIO SEAGULL. The Home of Progressive Rock and Alternative Music, Radio Seagull brings you the music you cannot find or hear on other radio stations either on ‘air’ or on the Internet as defined by their motto ‘There Is More To Music Than Hits Alone’

Our friends at Radio Seagull play the best Progressive Rock, the coolest Album tracks and the finest Alternative music. They also feature specialist music programs which include Blues, Smooth Jazz, World Music, Americana and New Talent. Click on the logo for more details.

'Mick J Clark' Hi, my name is Mick J Clark, I am a singer/songwriter who plays guitar and keyboards. I have written over 50 songs and I have released three albums on The New Atlantic Records label, called 'Notes One', 'Notes Two' and 'Notes Three', which were released in May 2014, January 2015 and 2016. There are 12 songs on each album, all quite different. One is called 'Soldier Boy' it is my Help For Heroes song to all the very brave soldiers, past and present. Hopefully my personality comes through in my songs, fun, emotional, rebellious, amusing and all of them heartfelt.
'Thunderbirds Fan Fiction' if you like to read about the extended universe of the TV Series Thunderbirds, then unleash your imagination with Purupuss!
'The Judge' is the nom-de-keyboard of a middle-aged civil servant in North Wales. He blogs about music, politics, liberty, the media, religion and other such absurdities. His opinions are his own, but he doesn't mind passing on other peoples' if they interest or amuse him...
In its all too short history ABC Radio, which started broadcasting in 1982, was innovative and original and its hardworking team had a vision to expand the station. ABC Radio enjoyed good times and tough times, acts of sabotage, but also extraordinary acts of generousity and friendship from supporters. Great presenters came and went.. and some even re-joined again. Through the hardwork and determination of the team the station kept expanding and was broadcasting to the entire region as "ABC The Hot FM" by the time it closed 6 years later.
The enhanced website for Summersdale Publishers, Summersdale Productions, Summersdale eBooks and Summersdale Audio. Please have a look round and take advantage of the many new features including online book orders, eBook downloads, DVD previews and downloads, free product samples, email newsletters and much more.
We love radio and are committed to making the leading directory of online radio stations from Ireland and across the world. Our team actively looks for the best online radio stations to join the directory. More radio stations means more chances to find the music you love. You can find a suitable station by location, country or favourite music genre. In addition, our listeners have the option to play the music in their preferred player or to use our Radio Player online. Our skilled team monitor and support the directory ensuring technical and security standards are maintained.
Click Here for The Searchers Website

OK, its a long story so it won't be told here but in a nut shell Auto Pilot made waves back in 1995 and suddenly vanished in 96. Now (after over a 10 year holiday) its all back on. Making moves in 2006 was a 'hit the ground running' start with a steep learning curve. Pulling the songs together at the same time building a new studio base with new technology both software and hardware. I.E. Not the beloved Atari ST this time around. Late 2006 a publishing deal from LCM in America is signed opening membership to ASCAP. Also associations with Kazzuri film open more opportunities in the film industry.

Click Here for The Searchers Website

The Searchers are one of the few British pop groups who have maintained their position at the top for well over 40 years. Second only to the Beatles as Liverpool's finest 60's group, you will find here a band profile, discography, fan club contacts and even a "direct line" to The Searchers agent Alan Field for business readers. There are also articles written especially for the site by Frank Allen. This group of web pages is intended to be fun, informative, and a tribute to the most underrated British band to emerge during the merseybeat era.

Temple Hedz is the Brainchild of Brighton based Paul Savery. Formed in 2002, his sound is a reflection of pioneering electronica producers such as; William Orbit, Youth and The Orb, combined with current influential artists such as Dreadzone, Gaudi and Banco De Gaia. Performing live, Temple Hedz consist of Paul at the helm on synths and percussion, accompanied by Jamie Morrison on drums and Steve Dickson on Bass. As well as his own roots as a Session Percussionist, Paul has also been a drummer in various indie-rock bands and performed in clubs and live venues across the South East UK before moving into the production side of the music industry.
The weblog of the Pink Triangle Trust

The Pink Triangle Trust is a UK charity (number 1015629) set up in 1992 to advance the education of the public, and particularly of lesbians and gay men, in the principles and practice of Humanism, and to advance the education of the public, and particularly of Humanists, about all aspects of homosexuality.

Click Here for Mark J Stevens

MARK.J.STEVENS... Singer/Songwriter And Lead Guitarist, inspired by Modern Pop with 60's/80's Values. Mark has played to sell out shows in The U.K., SPAIN, GERMANY and SWEDEN. Currently Unsigned and hoping for a Recording Contract, Publishing or Production Deal. Performed on Londonís Carlton TV Pop/Rock Show 'THE BASS' 60 No.1's On and Other World Web Charts.

Though he was born in London, England, Ola Onabule spent his formative years in Nigeria. This is one of the finest soul jazz performers in the UK.

His music has been used on films and TV programs. OLA's albums serve to seal his reputation as a highly talented singer songwriter and producer as well as an exciting and energetic stage performer.

Tune in and listen to thousands of internet radio stations. Search or browse for your favourite music genres and play the radio stations in your preferred player.
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